Opeth @ Fort Canning

On 9 February, 2012, me and 2 of my friends went all the way to Singapore just to see Opeth perform live. Opeth is a swedish progressive metal band. This band has been around since mid 90’s. Some people describe them as “sounds like Dream Theater” I totally disagree with that. Opeth is more organic, less technical and more melodic.

This is the tour for their last year released album Heritage. Heritage is a very amazing composed album. There is no growling vocal of Mikael Åkerfeldt, but it’s not as mellow as the earlier album, Damnation, it’s also not as heavy as Ghost Reveries. So, Heritage is right in the middle and it’s perfect.

It was held in Fort Canning, Singapore. We came around 3 hours before the gate open. Apparently not many people showing up early. We got in and had a great place right in front of the stage. The sound stage is surprisingly amazing, there are no stacks of huge speakers, just couple of speakers and amplifiers, but it sounds great. It was quite a small stage as well.

The lighting of the venue was a bit weird. They had couple of lights overhead, couple at the back, couple of spot light that didn’t move at all, and a little blue and red light on the side of the stage. This lighting condition was quite challenging. As you can see on the last picture, the lighting didn’t lit the stage evenly. I feel sorry for Joakim Svalberg on keyboard at the back, he didn’t get lit nearly enough for me to take his pictures.

I used Canon SX230 pocket camera to take the pictures. The venue was not as dark as I thought, I used ISO400-800 and had about 1/100th sec it’s pretty good. But on the side of the stage, lighting was quite horrible, I turn the shutter speed  down up to 1/15th sec to expose Fedrik and Martín on the side of the stage. Luckily, they’re not like any mainstream metal band who like to jump around and bang their head as fast as they can, they’re more calm while hitting those heavy notes.


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  1. Mizz Eizzy

    Despite the challenging shooting conditions, i’d say you got some pretty good shots of the band, especially of Miguel. Close up and personal, just like the concert i think! 🙂

  2. Mizz Eizzy

    didnt know how 2 spell it…lol :-/ my bad!!

  3. Izana

    these are amazing! so professional too

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