Zee Avi @ KL Live

Couples of years ago, I was introduced to her music. I can’t stop listen to her ever since.

On November 17, 2011, I had a chance to see her live performance. Her voice is beautiful, with great stage performance. She sang about 15 songs including one mandarin song she sang for her mom. The most memorable performance was Concrete wall when she started to bang the drum really-really hard. If you were there you can feel the anger coming out of her. You can find the video on youtube, I think. The last song she performed was Roll Your Head  In The Sun. I remember exactly she shouted “trippy!” and asked the lighting guy to dim the light. She used a weird instrument, I don’t even know what is it called, to make triply noises. You can see the instrument in the last two pictures. That was a great night.

You’re not allowed to take your big DSLR inside the venue, but I saw some people brought their DSLR. I wish I brought my DSLR, instead I brought My little Canon SX230. It’s a super-zoom compact that I always bring because of it’s tiny size and great capability. The venue is a bit dark, so I need to bumped up the ISO of my little camera up to 1600. I could have gone all the way to 3200 but, it’d make the picture super grainy. On ISO 1600 is grainy enough. At ISO1600 f/3-5.9 the shutter speed only goes up to 1/60th-1/100th sec sometime even lower up to 1/15th sec. It doesn’t matter since this camera has a image stabilizer, and it’s quite good as long as the subject doesn’t move that much. This little camera doesn’t shoot RAW, so I have to work with JPG files.

I didn’t have photo pass so, I have to take pictures from the cramped up audience area. I stood about 5 meters from the stage, it’s pretty close. It was very challenging to take pictures.

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  1. Mizz Eizzy

    Your little Canon SX230 takes some pretty bad ass shots dude! Beautiful!

  2. purple.

    hi so i’m about to go to kl live this coming tuesday and i have a question bout bringing in a camera. so did u sneak in ur canon camera? was thinking of bringing my fujifilm x20, do u think i could pass the security?

    • Hi,

      I hope this is not to late to reply. Usually concert organizers are pretty strict about their no photography rule.
      Yes, you might be able to sneak in a camera. But it’s a 50/50 chance. If you do get in,
      just don’t use flash at any time. And be considerate about other fans who wants to enjoy the show.

      Good luck!

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