Salsalectrica @ Central Market KUL Sign 2012

On 25 February, 2012, I went to Central Market to see some graffiti artists paint the wall along the river side. Then I came across a band competition on the same area and actually the same event, KUL Sign 2012. I sat there for a while, the first band played two songs. Honestly, they aren’t that nice sounding band. Then This band came to the stage called Salsalectrica.

It’s quite an interesting name. It’s like combination of ‘salsa’ and ‘electronica’ but in my opinion, their music is not quite close to salsa nor electronica. It’s more like a jazzy sounding. Especially the vocal, she was amazing. She has great vibrato technique. It’s so easy on the ear. The sound of the sax was great as well, there was one sax solo. But the first thing I notice from the band was the guitarist. He was holding a Mark Tremonti Signature PRS Guitar! (I’m such a gear head) The first time he strum the guitar for sound check, it sounds so good. The way he plays the guitar is really expressive, as you can see on the photos.

I was using Nikon D90 coupled with 80-200mm lens. It was about 3 or 4 o’clock in the afternoon, so the light quite bright and lit the stage quite evenly. On ISO 400 I easily got 1/800th sec on f/2.8. Sometime I step down to f/4 because 80-200mm lens is quite soft @200mm. Steping it down a little bit makes great improvement on sharpness without disturbing the bokeh too much.

All the pictures are taken in black and white, because the lighting was quite flat and to be honest the stage wasn’t that great (color wise) either. I shoot everything in RAW, so I can post-proccess them quite easily without sacrificing the image quality. In black and white pictures I tend to overexpose the picture a little bit. For me it looks better with the highlight a little blown out.


About dedyandriantoexperience

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  1. Mizz Eizzy

    Last shot of the guitar is pretty sleek, the guy even has this smug smile on, like “i know, its pretty awesome”. No shots of the graffiti artists at work ? I’d really wanna see those if you got any…

  2. Louis Nderi

    Good Job Dedy… Keep them

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