Skyjuice @ KUL Sign 2012

Still in KUL Sign 2012 event, the band called Skyjuice went on stage. The vocalist started to introducing the band. His vocal while speaking sounds so nice even nicer than the MC that day. That sounds promising, so I decided to stick around.

I got very excited when they did sound checking and heard the raw sound of the guitar and bass. They played a little heavy metal riff. Then the vocalist started to sing along for checking and I was very impressed. High pitch scream reminds me of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden or if you know an Indonesian vocalist called Candil which in my opinion is one of the best vocalist in Indonesia.

They played two songs, first was Kuala Lumpur-themed song and the other one was their own song. The first one was quite boring, maybe because of the theme of the lyrics, but they played it well. The second song sounded heavier and more energy in it. The bass line wasn’t monotone, neither was the guitar. It was a well composed song with a great solo. The guitarist was quite technical. He stepped on his pedals a few times to change his guitar tone.

Their stage performance rather calm for such a heavy song they were performing. That’s not a bad thing just some thing that I want to point out. But I would like to see them going crazy.

It was around afternoon, the sun still quite high. The stage was under a huge tent, so all the light was diffused, that gave me an even lighting so it’s a bit flat. Photos are taken in black and white because the stage wasn’t that colorful. If it was at night and had a lot of lighting and spot lights I would definitely go for color. The venue was quite bright, on ISO400 f/2.8 I found get up to 1/800th sec, that enough to freeze the action. I always try to have my shutter speed up high at least 1/320th  sec because I was using D90 coupled with 80-200mm which doesn’t have VR. D90 is a crop sensor camera, that gives me 120-300mm. Lens that long without VR, my only option is to bump up the shutter speed to get sharp images.


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