Louis Nderi Portrait

Louis is a friend of mine and he wanted a portrait taken. Actually at first he just wanted a passport photo, but things got carried away a little bit. He started to pick up my guitar and played some tune.

The set up was quite simple. I use D90 coupled with 80-200mm lens. It was shoot in my tiny little room. I could use 35mm or even 24mm indoor, but I wanted to compress the background. I don’t want the ugly curtain in my room to be in the frame, that’s why I use telephoto lens. I actually needed to step out of my room to take the picture. I tried my best to to cut anything especially arms and the guitar head.

A single flash gun was fired with cheap radio trigger. Exposure was set to 1/160 sec at f/4 ISO 200. This cheap trigger is suppose to sync up to 1/200 sec but when I use that speed, the shutter curtain is visible making a dark edge. The flash gun was fired through a beauty dish with shower cap on at 1/16 power. On the right side of the camera I put a big white styrofoam to bounce a little fill light just enough to bring the  details.

In the first picture you can see the guitar body shines a bit. That’s actually a table lamp in my room. It made a little definition on the guitar that enhance the photo. I made the photo black and white because I have such a horrible wall color.


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Design, photography, and music.

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