A V G @ Publika

A V G is a Pop-punk / Alternative band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Consist of a drummer & 2 guitarists from 3 different bands and a petite chick singer. I totally stole that line from their Facebook page.

Their performance is full of energy. They played few songs, mostly original numbers and one cover song which they rearrange it into heavier sound. Their song is mostly guitar driven song with catchy riffs. One song called “Jangan Potong Line” has awesome bridge with heavy riffing, you can check it on Youtube.

They were the 2nd runner up in Twisties Superstarz 2011 and not just that they were people’s favorite and best album cover design. Awesome you guys!

I used D90 coupled with 80-200mm. They started performing around 5 p.m which made the stage awesomely lit. It was quite bright, so there’s no problem at all shooting these pictures. ISO around 500, 1/320 shutter speed, aperture as wide as possible.


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  1. The Gibson SG looks sweet man!!

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