Seconds to Collide @ Publika

Seconds to Collide is, I would say, experimental indie band. If I can compare it, it would be a cross between The Mars Volta and Coheed and Cambria.

The vocal is very distinguish, high notes and a bit rough texture. This band delivers a balance sound between each instruments. Drums track is great especially on the song called Just A Phase. The guitar tracks I feel they sound more atmospheric almost post-rock kind of guitar sound. They performed 4 to 5 original tracks and everything sounded great. You can listen some of their song in their Facebook page. But, some song I heard online, the vocal isn’t as good as the live performance. The vocal sounds way better live.

As usual, I use Nikon D90, because that’s the only DSLR I have, with 80-200mm lens. The lighting was quite bright but I still have to bump up my ISO up to 2000 to get faster shutter speed. The noise control in D90 is not the best but at ISO1600 images still have great details. I shoot RAW all the times that gives me more flexibility in post processing.


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