The Metaphor @ Publika

The Metaphor is a five pieces post-rock band. Two guitarists, one bassist, one drummer, and one keyboardist. With no vocalist, all of their songs are instrumental. They’re comparable to Mono and God Is An Astronaut, a slightly faster in tempo and great built up on every songs.

I arrived at the stage was a bit late. I just heard the last 2 songs they performed. I liked it so much I bought their EP that was released last year, I think. It has 5 songs in it, and every single song has really cool built up. They’re all started slow and gradually faster and more intense. The guitars are dominant, but not that dominant so the other instrument aren’t that important. The keyboard is definitely gives more melodic to the songs. I think one of their songs signature is having speed picking every now and then. It was a fun gig. Check some of their stuff in their page.

Lighting was still pretty bright. ISO500 f/2.8 @ 1/320 sec. They just started to turn on the stage lighting that’s why you’ll see some purple, blue, yellow color cast. Shooting was fun especially with good music. The thing I don’t like is the back drop. It was actually a projector screen. So, it wasn’t bright enough to see the color it renders on the screen. Even at night when all the stage lighting was on, the projector seems to be not bright enough.


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