An Honest Mistake @ Publika


If you’re talking about indie band in Malaysia, I guess An Honest Mistake is one of the benchmark that sets the bar pretty high. In my opinion, they’re very well established, not only the music they play but also the image they’re trying to sell.

An honest mistake is basically an alternative, pop-punk band that has influence of softcore genre. Most of their songs are heavily guitar driven songs. This band has no bassist, yet, but they have a violinist, unfortunately he wasn’t there when they perform. There’s also influence of a little bit of electronic on their record but during live performance it wasn’t really there. Guitar riffs are catchy and straight forward. In the song “I Have A Hole In My Skinnies And That’s How We Roll,” during the bridge, heavy guitar riff was perfectly delivered, not too heavy for this genre. Vocal performance is great, especially the female vocalist, big voice for a small girl. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this genre of music, but I think this band is cool. Their performance was very energetic and I definitely enjoyed taking the photograph while listening to them. As I said earlier, their image is part of their music. They’re very vibrant and colorful. I think everybody enjoyed their performance that night.

They’re releasing their 2nd album on April 29th at the same place, Publika. Check out their stuff and the upcoming event at their page.

Taking the photograph was quite challenging. The venue was pretty dark, I bump up the ISO up to 1000 f/2.8 at 1/320 sec to get the action shoot. With those settings I still get slightly under expose image which I prefer than getting perfect exposure image at ISO1600 or 3200 with a lot of noise. This is why I’m shooting only in RAW. During post processing I can adjust the exposure up to two stops without introducing so much noise. I don’t use noise reduction that much, it reduces the details in the pictures only if I really have to.


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  1. chualeo

    Your photos are really great!
    Keep it up and will see you again on 29th.

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