Izana Portrait

Few days ago we did a little photo shoot just for fun. We went to her place around 5 and shoot till dark. The house was in the corner of the building at the 5th floor, so we got all the sunset scene in the background.

Directing is hard. To take great pictures a photographer should be able to communicate with the subject. I learned that from many youtube videos tutorials and blogs. In this case the subject is a friend of mine, telling her what to do is a little bit easier. If it’s hard to describe in words, sometime showing it helps too. With good direction, you’ll get better picture. Showing the pictures you just taken to the model is good too. I also learned it from tutorials.

I used Nikon D90 with 35mm and 85mm prime lenses. Can you tell which one using 35mm and which one using 85mm?

The sun was really bright that day, using manual exposure is a must or else all of the pictures would be under expose. I use spot metering and meter on the face. While doing portraits, you want to expose the face perfectly. I don’t crop images. I try to frame the image perfectly during the shoot.

This is the first time I mess around with the colors. RAW files give you so much information in one file, you can mess around with it without damaging the quality of the image. All post processing were done in Lightroom. To achieve the color, I use split toning with yellow for the highlight and purple for the shadow. Usually I like contrasty images, but for this particular images I like it less contrasty. Matching the colors in each pictures is quite hard, luckily, in Lightroom you can copy the setting of one image and paste it on to the other image. Just a little adjustment and you’ll get matching colors and tone.

It was a lot of fun shooting. Thanks to Louis and Izana!


About dedyandriantoexperience

Design, photography, and music.


  1. these look great 🙂
    had fun and cant get over the fact that you are such a good photographer!
    thanks dedy.

  2. AzooAhmed

    Can i Hire you for some wedding photography DA?? 🙂

  3. ludwigdesmet

    beautiful girl, nice processing!

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