Nuclear Strikes @ KL Live

April 8th 2012, during Cromok Reunion concert an opening act called Nuclear Strikes rocked the stage. When they walked on to the stage, the 80’s atmosphere arose. Long hair, thight pants, head band, and leather jacket. 80’s heavy metal band with strong vocal of female vocalist, who wouldn’t like it?

The performance was full of energy. The guitar sounded a bit too overpowered at first but then it balanced out and sounded perfect. With no fancy effects, the guitar just raw and punchy. The drum track started to get exciting when the double bass kick in with high precision. Vocals are great but sometimes it drowned in the sounds of the instruments and I couldn’t really hear the vocals. I recall there was only one song when the vocalist hit the high notes. It was delivered quite well and I think they should write more songs with high notes just to show what the vocalist can do.

Canon sx230hs strikes back! I tried to ask for photo pass but no luck getting it. At ISO1600 shutter speed about 1/80th sec. The venue was dark, exposure depends highly on the spot light and other lightings. This concert had great lighting set up. Smoke machine made it looks better. But because of the smoke, my camera had a hard time focusing. Spot metering is a must in this kind of situation. Believe it or not, the auto white balance of this camera is superb. I didn’t adjust the white balance during post processing at all.

That was one hell of performance, the 80’s are back! Keep on rocking you guys!


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