Langsuyr @ KL Live

Local death metal band, Langsuyr was one of the opening act for Cromok reunion concert. They’ve been around since 90’s and have been performing in various places and countries.

Death metal is a genre that not everybody can enjoy listening to it. They sound like traditional death metal like Death, late 80’s band that actually the pioneer of death metal genre. Their songs are rather up beat and will make you bang your head to the music. There are some progressions in the songs not just monotone. Guitar riffs are quite simple but with complex guitar solo. In death metal, vocal is crucial. Without the vocal, a death metal band would be called metal band. The vocalist performed great. His gesture was somehow weird, he looked like he was possessed or something. But that’s not a big deal, just the way he sings. The growling was great. It was constant during the whole performance. I think it’w more like grunting than growling, because it wasn’t that deep. You can listen to their song at their Facebook page or Myspace page.

The venue was dark, my trusty point shoot Canon sx230 was having a hard time. ISO1600 shutter speed could be as low as 1/20sec depend on the lighting. The lighting set up during the concert was really nice. Smoke machine made focusing even harder. I wasn’t in the pit, I was standing in the middle of the crowd, that made it harder to take photos. I had to stay steady in the middle of head banging crowd. It was really challenging to take photos.

That was really great performance, would love to see them perform again, and maybe take photos with real camera.


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