Cromok @ KL Live

After 15 years separated, Cromok came back with ass kicking reunion concert. Cromok has been a legend among metal heads in Malaysia. So if you consider your self as a metalhead, go to the local music store and find their CD’s, it will thrash your brain out.

Three opening bands started the concert. At the time Cromok came on stage, the crowds went crazy. 3 by 2 cabinet amps were stacked to deliver blasting sound. I’m guessing 600 watts Mesa amps for the bass and 300 watts Marshall amps for the guitars. It sounded so much better and much louder than the opening bands sound. Karl, the lead guitarist once again proved him self as a guitar genius. Not only in electric guitar, but also in classic acoustic guitar in the song that everybody was waiting for: Another You. Guitar riffs are mostly simple, but with complex and fast guitar solos. Sam, the vocalist and bassist, surprisingly still delivers the same vocal style as they started. The double bass drumming by Miji was world class. Their performance was very energetic. It was two hours performance and they delivered the same energy throughout the show.

The lighting was amazing and quite bright. At some point, ISO 800 was enough at 1/80th sec. Taking the right moment is hard. You have to somehow predict what gonna happen. Sometime, burst shots helps too. It will give you many frames on the same composition. In concert, lighting is always changing drastically. I used Aperture priority when I’m shooting with point and shoot and adjust the exposure compensation manually. It’s difficult to change setting in point and shoot camera,  so using manual exposure is not recommended. For using Aperture priority, you just need to know where to meter and focus.

It was an amazing show. The music was so loud, my ears was ringing on the entire way home. A pair of ear plug would be nice during a concert.


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