Metalasia @ KL Live

The last opening band for Cromok reunion concert in KL Live was Metalasia.

Heavily influenced by 80’s heavy metal band, Metalasia distinguish them self with adding progressive elements in their songs. I’d say they sound Dream Theater-ish, especially the guitar and bass. Guitar riffs are amazing, overlaid by complex guitar solos. The solos are vey technical, just like John Petrucci of Dream Theater. A lot of going up and down the scale and shredding. Not many band has bass solo, this band delivered it well on 5 strings bass with tapping technique. The vocal reminds me of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden but without the high notes vocal just the beautifully haunting vocal. In the middle of the performance they switched vocalist then back to the original vocalist. The other vocalist was great but not as great as the original vocalist.

I was in the middle of head banging crowd. Taking picture is hard enough, taking sharp pictures is even harder. Thanks to the IS system of Canon sx230, pictures taken are quite sharp. ISO1600, shutter speed at 1/80th sec. Working with JPG files is a difficult. That’s why I tried to get the perfect exposure in the camera. When shooting RAW, slightly under expose is okay, you can bump the exposure up in the post process. Framing is important too. It’s true that you can crop later, but if you crop the images, you’ll loose the resolution. I try to avoid that. I don’t crop image.

Great music comes along with great stage performance, a perfect combination for a band.


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