Upstart Incorporated @ Black Box

Local act with a distinct sound liven up the stage at Black Box Publika last Thursday. Upstart Incorporated define them self as free jazz improvisation.

Their performance was really enjoyable. I really don’t understand how they play those oddly time-signatured songs, they’re awesome. About 5 songs they played that night. It’s almost sound like a jazz version of King Crimson. The drumming was quite complex in a very small drum kit. The bass drives the song to be jazzy funky kind of music. Check out their band page to listen to their music.

Still with no photo pass, I manage to sneaked in a DSLR. I was in front of the stage, literally a foot away from the artists. I used D90 with 35mm lens. The venue was dark, ISO3200 shutter speed at 1/50sec at f/1.8. I was right at the center of the stage and couldn’t move anywhere. The lighting wasn’t that good. There was no followspot light, just those yellow stage lighting and some moving lights.


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