Citizens of Ice-Cream @ Black Box

Citizens of Ice-Cream is a local instrumental band with post-rock influenced sound.

Just like many post-rock band, Citizens of Ice-Cream has no vocalist. The “vocal” is replaced with atmospheric sound of the guitar, synth, and keyboard. They started with a slow song then it built up it’s intensity. Their songs are very engaging and somehow hypnotizing. They have beautiful composition on each song. Check out their song here.

Somebody posted the full gig video on youtube, you can check that out to listen to their music also it will give you an idea how the venue was. It was pretty much dark. Couple of lights come and go. The timing is crucial on this one. I pressed the shutter when there’s light. There’s no point pressing the shutter when there’s no light. But the thing is the meter is not fast enough to read the lighting condition when the stage lighting blink. What I did was snap one picture, take a look at it and see whether it’s too dark or too bright and adjust the setting.

They played the gig about 30 minutes, but it felt like 10. It was an awesome gig!


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