Pg.lost @ Black Box

Sweden has been known as one of the largest music exporter in the world along with United Kingdom and United States. Pg.lost is one of the brilliant one.

If you had been listening to post-rock genre, you know what to expect from pg.lost. Most of their songs are instrumental. Their performance is very engaging. Visual was part of the concert that night, they showed some random/weird videos on the screen. The music was really loud, at least for me because I was right in front of the stage. Two guitarists used a lot of guitar effects to achieve the sound. Most of the time they don’t have complex solo but very melodic. Drum tracks are amazingly well performed that night. The drummer kinda looks like Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth, just a thought. You can listen to their full album on their website.

The venue was extremely dark, way beyond recognition. There was only few spot lights pointing upward and the projector screen at the back. D90 with the fastest lens I have was having a hard time taking photos of them. ISO all the way up to 6400 at 1/80 sec at f/1.8. With that setting I got one or two stops underexpose. I brought the exposure up during post process. Focusing was very difficult. I did most of the focusing manually.


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