Limkokwing’s Creativity in Motion @ KLCC Fashion Week 2012

These are the few best shots from Limkokwing’s fashion show in KLCC. It’s been three years and I never been to any of their fashion show, I finally made it to the show this time. It was during KLCC Fashion Week and Limkokwing was the special university guest.

Shooting fashion runway is quite challenging but it won’t beat the difficulties of shooting a live concert. In fashion show like this the lighting is pretty much constant. So just do a few test shots, adjust the setting, and you basically good to go for the whole night. During the event, you will not able to move around freely. Stay in one place or you’ll get shouted by the other photographers. I found that the hard way.

I used D90 with 80-200mm lens. I personally don’t use flash in this kind of situation. The ceiling was uber high, so there’s no way I can bounce the flash off the ceiling and I don’t want to shoot it directly. The direct flash will give me a big blob of shadow in the back. Unless I can somehow put my flash really high above the stage so the shadow will cast on the floor. ISO was about 1600 to freeze the action at 1/320 sec shutter speed. I always shoot in RAW and always slightly under expose the images and bring them up during post processing.

I wasn’t expecting much from the event, but I actually enjoyed my self shooting these photos. The music wasn’t my favorite but hell, it’s a great place to practice photography.


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  1. Great photos. beautiful girls, fashionable outfits… Love it!

  2. And the Oscar goes to…:-)

  3. Mohsen Ghafari

    I like your shots, they’re very clear, what zoom lens and flash did you use?
    this is my shots from that night

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