Parisude @ Limkokwing

Parisude, musical duo from Indonesia who deliver world music that combines electronic and Indonesian folk instruments.

I haven’t really listen to world music, but lately I’ve been listening those old song from my country, Indonesia, like Koes Plus, Chrisye, Ebiet G. Ade, Swami and some newer one like Base Jam, Sheila On 7, Peterpan, etc. I’ve been letting my self to drown to this music for awhile. Parisude is nothing like those bands at all. There’s some Javanese and Balinese instrument that can be heard in their song. They blend those instrument in with modern instruments nicely. They did the show in about 45 minutes. Fascinated by their music, I bought their EP release contains 6 songs. I went backstage and met them and I got their signature. They said the full album will be released after the fasting month. They wrote a jingle for Emirates Airline. Check out their Facebook Page for more information and their Soundcloud Page to listen to their song freely!

This show was held on April 13, quite a while ago really. It was a university event ‘Mahasiswa 2012’ by Merah Putih Club in Limkokwing. I was just an audience with big ass camera. Since it’s not really a big show, I actually was walking around the stage like nobody’s business. At some point I went ON stage, it was that free. I used D90 with my beloved 80-200mm. I’m in love with this lens, I’ve been using it a lot and will use it a lot more. The lighting wasn’t horrible, but it’s not the best either. ISO1600-ISO3200 was used during the gig. Shutter speed up to 1/320 sec just to make sure there’s no camera shake, the curse of non-vr lens.

It was a fun gig, great music, great performance, I enjoy the show so much. Would love to see them again with their new album.


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  1. Love the pic of the girl… Looks very pro!!

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