Pulau Besar @ Malacca

Random weekend trip for the sake of beach! We went to Malacca for some sun. The whole story of the trip can be read here.

I carried my D90 with a new lens I just traded with someone: Tokina 11-16mm. I never had an ultra wide-angle before. The widest I ever used was 24mm. This lens it the whole different level. It’s a bit odd first time I used it because everything seems so far away. This lens is sharp, less expensive (compared to Nikon counterpart) and fast at f/2.8.

RAW files are ugly. Their colors are flat and their sizes are huge. I love RAW, no question asked. Just like a raw meat, you don’t just eat the meat, you need to cook it. Put some spices, grill it, and serve it with your favorite sauce and veggies. RAW files need to be processed. I personally use Lightroom for RAW editing. Simple post processing for these photos. I simply tweak the contrast, brought down the highlight, brought up the shadow a little, add some black, and reduce some white (black and white sliders only available in Lightroom 4). Color just popped, just add a little vibrance and you’re done.

The most most important thing is: ENJOY YOUR TRIP!! Thanks to Liz, Sam, and Shemali, you guys rock!!

*As seen on The Adventure of Little Miss Lizabeth


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  1. Malacca is breathtaking. Those beaches are amazing. Just beautiful. You are lucky to be a part of it.

  2. travelwyse

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  3. I love how you explain why you shoot in raw, makes alot of sense when you put it that way! 🙂
    Amazing work dedy, your even photography is classic, but I would love to see more tourism photography from you! The framing and composition really brought out the hidden beauty of the place!

    All the best in your competition!

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