Puterasari @ i-City

Puterasari is melodic-progressive-rock band from Malaysia. They have been around since early 2000 and have won several competition since.

They joined the battle of the band that Youth United Concert created last week. No surprise, they won the first price and had a chance to perform as an opening act for Youth United Concert at night along side with Bunkface and many other bands. Heavily influenced by Dream Theater, Putrasari has some kick-ass songs. They performed two songs, for the competition and two more for the concert at night. A lot of progression in each songs. Heavily driven by guitars, but keyboard has some amazing solos too. They are one of the band that not just playing the instrument but also performing. They were well dressed with their uniform. They all have some move of their own. For the entire performance they move a lot and they did a lot of poses. This kind of musicians are the kind of musician photographers like. They work with the photographer to look good. It was really cool. Check out their Facebook and Myspace page for more information.

During the day, the sun is pretty much behind the cloud all the time. There’s no harsh light, and the stage was under the shade, so shadows are really soft. During the night, lighting was pretty good. There are some light with colored gel overhead and some moving lights at the corners of the stage. The smoke machine made the stage alive. It was quite bright, 1/320 sec, ISO1600, f/2.8. This is the first time I used ultra-wide-angle for a concert. It was quite difficult because in the viewfinder, it’s quite hard to tell if it’s in focus. So most of the time I just have to trust my camera. Even though ultra-wide-angle lenses have quite depth of field, if you see the photos 1:1, you definitely can tell if a photo is out of focus.

Thanks to YUC Group for letting me cover the entire concert. Very fun performance to shoot.


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