Diandra Arjunaidi @ i-City

This 20 years old singer has been rocking Malaysia indie music scene. Started off by playing in bars, now she is signed by Yuna Room Record which owned by singer-songwriter, Yuna.

I love her voice! Very soft jazzy voice. It’s like cross between Regina Spektor and Vanessa Carlton. First time I heard her voice live was during the rehearsal, I like it right away. She performed about 5 songs that night. Most of her songs are in English but she also sing in Bahasa. Her songs are so easy listening and very catchy. Vocal performance was amazing that actually better live than the CD (yes, I bought her CD). I just kinda hope she played more guitar. To get to know more of her music you check out her Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

I carried 3 lenses: 11-16mm, 35mm, 80-200mm. This is the only time I used all three lenses to capture the moment. With great music comes great pictures. I enjoyed the performance as well as shooting them performing.

Thanks to YUC Group for letting me cover the entire concert. Amazing talent! I was shooting with a good friend of mine, Louis Nderi. Check his shots here.


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