Grey Sky Morning @ i-City

Grey Sky Morning, indie rock band from Malaysia, performed in Youth United Concert.

Their songs are quite easily recognize because of their retro signature. Catchy tunes and kick ass performance, Grey Sky Morning was one of my favorite performance that night. The vocalist had amazing performance and of course nice voice. The retro influence makes their songs so easy to listen to. Guitar’s distortion is not too much and their solo is very melodic. Check out Grey Sky Morning in Facebook, listen to their music at Myspace, or follow them at Twitter

The stage was not lit evenly that night. It was ‘T’ shape stage, the back of the stage was lit by the overhead lighting with colored gel, while the front side of the stage was not lit by anything. The vocalist was at the front of the stage most of the time as you can see in the photos. In this situation, spot metering is a must. I metered the face to get the perfect exposure. Because that’s the most important part. It doesn’t matter if the background blown out.

Thanks to YUC Group for letting me cover the entire concert. Amazing performance!


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