Friday King Road @ SAO2012

Soulful lyrics coated with a hint of rock and funk rhythm create this awesome band called Friday King Road.

I went down to Stand As One for the sake of listening to music, Friday king Road was one of them. The first thing I noticed was the guitar rhythm. It’s funky! Sober is my favorite song from them. It’s catchy, and the vocal was so perfect for the song. If you listen closely to the bass line, it’s subtle but drives the song even funkier. Some part pf the song reminds me of Love Lost by The Temper Trap in fast tempo. Check out Friday King Road’s page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. You can listen to their song at SoundCloud.

Broad daylight, under the shade pretty much it for the lighting that afternoon. One tip from my favorite music photographer today, Todd Owyoung, is simply “Don’t forget the drummer.” Now that tip stuck to me. It’s hard to capture drummer. I try my best to do so. What do you guys think about the drummer’s picture? As you see in the picture, there’s a red cast from bellow. That’s because the floor of the stage was red carpet. It’s no big deal, just adjust white balance in post process to be more comfortable to see. Also tips for the promoter, don’t use reflective materials for backdrop. It’s less annoying at midday, but later that afternoon it became more annoying with the spot lights reflected back to the audience.

It was a great performance. I enjoyed the music as well as taking pictures. Rock on!


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