Blister @ SAO2012

“How did you guys come up with the name?” I asked. They answered “We’re just jamming for hours, when we’re done you know what we got? Blisters!”

It’s all rock and roll, no bull. Blister was one of the band performed at Stand As One and my personal favorite of all. I haven’t heard pure rock and roll band for a while this band made my day. They performed few songs, I remember this one song called Blind Love, It’s simply brilliant. They also did a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ song Paradise City. Just listen to their songs at their Facebook page and Myspace page now! Did I mention they were the opening band for Slash live in Malaysia back in 2010? Well, I just did.

I used 80-200mm for close up shots and 11-16mm for everything else. That Slash Goldtop Les Paul was so gorgeous, I can’t stop taking picture of it. There’s nothing wrong with bursting through out a gig, but think about the consequences if you did so. You’ll be looking through hundreds even thousands of images. Sometime It’s good just to slow down and think about the next thing you want to capture.

With great music comes great images. Rock on!

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  1. Blister

    Fkin awesome stuff here bro!!! We shall see you on the 15th of July 2012….

  2. Awesome pics.. Very rocknroll feel..

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