An Honest Mistake @ Neverland

They came, they rocked the stage! Awesome performance, good lighting, and smoke machine equal kick-ass photos.

I went to their gig once before. They have the same energy while performing whether they’re at small venues, clubs, or everywhere. This indie pop punk band is awesome. Check them out at Facebook or their official website.

Photographer’s Note
When they started playing, the stage was pitch-black for few while. There’s no point taking picture at that moment, so I just waited until finally I saw the light. The stage was actually not so small, but for the opening act, they only had a small portion of the stage because many equipments at the back are for the main act. This makes it quite difficult to compose the photos, because of the cluttered background. 35mm and 11-16mm were the heroes. 35mm at f/1.8 is just very helpful in low light situation.

It was an amazing performance!

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