The Azenders @ Neverland

Rock n’ roll in the package of modern rock coated with awesome live act, The Azenders made some serious performance.

They were the last opening band for Boys Like Girls and Motion City Soundtrack concert. Usually they save the best for last, it’s not wrong. Very energetic performance especially Sam, the vocalist. Their songs are quite catchy with simple guitar riffs accompanied by the keyboard. Their hit single “Livin’ Rock & Roll” was their last song to play. Check their songs at Facebook, Myspace, or follow them on Twitter.

Photographer’s Note
For some shots I cranked up the ISO up to 3200 but at some point the stage was bright, ISO 1000 was enough. There’s always noise. Either noisy photos or blurry photos. I chose noisy but sharp photos. I used a little noise reduction in Lightroom not more than 25 to retain the details. I brought 3 lenses: 11-16mm, 35mm, and 80-200mm. I almost never used the tele lens, cause of the stage was quite small. All lenses used at it’s widest aperture to get the fast shutter speed.

*As seen on The Azenders’ Album.

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