I Am Giant @ Hard Rock Café

Who are they? I Am Giant. London-based New Zealand rock band. After their debut album The Horrifying Truth, they are currently  touring around Asia.

Purple Heart, the first song in the album is one great example to define their music. Amazing guitar riffs by Andrew Kerr, with progressive flow of the song and aggressive drumming by Shelton Woolright . Seeing them live is so much better. Ed Martin’s vocal is just so powerful and hauntingly beautiful. The bassist, Paul Matthews, gives an amazing bass line especially in City Limits. They were loud. Check them out at I Am Giant Official Website and Facebook page.

Photographer’s Note
Hard Rock Café is quite an interesting venue to shoot in. During the performance not many people in the dance floor, which made me easy to explore different angles. Even though is was free, but don’t forget to respect the band and give them space to perform. 11-16mm and 35mm are all the lenses I used. 35mm is just the real plastic fantastic. It fast and sharp even at f/1.8. Some spot of the stage was brighter that the other, I used ISO ranging from 1250 to 3200.

I was shooting with Louis Nderi, check out his shots here.

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*as seen on I Am Giant’s album and MSN Malaysia Entertainment.


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