Wedding Shoot @ Central Market

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding job in photography industry, this is just a mockup of the real wedding shoot.

I did this awhile back when Futuromic organized a wedding shoot workshop. I was surprised, more or less a hundred people showed up for the event. There was 5 models, so it’s about 20 photographers per models. It was really crowded. Since I’m quite familiar in tight spaces and low light, I managed to capture some keepers shots.

I have been watching [Framed] Network‘s show called Film and I got really inspired from those guys. Even though they shoots only in film, but the principle of photography is still the same. I learn a lot about composition, lighting, and directing. Watch it, please. There are a lot of things you can learn from them. I’m waiting for the second season now.

Back to the shooting. It was held in Annexe Gallery Kuala Lumpur. The indoor was great. There are few windows and wooden floor. Before the shoot, I kinda had some pictures I wanted to get. When I saw these big windows, the light bulb in my head lit up. I love this window lighting situation.

I didn’t use any artificial lighting whatsoever. I was using 35mm f/1.8 and ultra wide-angle Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 on my D90. I used quite high ISO for daylight shooting. It was about ISO1000 to properly expose the face of the model. Spot meter is a must. But since the window light was really bright, the meter was tricked. I had to compensate the exposure manually. I did a little mistake by using these lenses wide open. I could have stop it down a little to reduce those nasty color fringing or chromatic aberration. But it turns out these lenses could handle it pretty well.

Directing is very difficult, especially if there’s twenty other photographers who wanted to direct the model as well. Most of the time I waited for the moment to come, but if there’s a chance to direct I would. Somehow I always stuck in the Rule of Thirds. One rule to rule them all. Everything looks good in the Rule of Thirds.

Post-processing was done in Lightroom and highly influenced by film. I notice how film has huge dynamic range. I tried to emulate that on my photographs. This created a very soft tone and soft shadows. That’s basically what I did in Lightroom. I kept the white balance around 5300K to keep the skin tone nice and warm.

It was a great experience. I would love to shoot more portrait like this in the future, not necessarily wedding but something experimental and pretty. If you have questions or thoughts, please comment.


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  1. Awesome! thanks for the links, will check out framed network!
    Your insights and advice on the technical stuff is always informative, and helpful! Thanks 4 sharing the knowledge! Hope you get a chance to do some REAL wedding photography really soon!

    I salute you!

  2. Wow dedy you killed it here! Good Stuff!

  3. I’m in love with that first image! 🙂

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