Artefacts @ Black Box

They come, they scream, they growl, they rock your socks off!

Artefacts represents death metal genre in the block. If you want to be specific, you can say it’s progressive-melodic-death-metal. Because their song progression is changing so much in a matter of seconds. The growling technique, common in death metal band, is impressive. Alternate between grunting and deep growling. Guitar riffs, as expected, heavy and complicated. The arpeggios are so well fit together. If you like Gojira or Meshuggah, you’ll like Artefacts. Check them out at their Facebook page. You can listen to their heavy songs there.

Photographer’s Note
They were the first opening band for Architects (UK, don’t be mistaken with Architect from US). The lightings were horrible. I didn’t manage to take many photos of them, because it was dark most of the time. There are two things in this situation that I usually do. First, wait for the light to lit the place up. Second, try my luck for catchflash. What that is basically your camera catch other camera’s flash, the first photo has a catchflash. There’s no skill here, just luck.

It was a great performance, salute! Thanks to Micronesia Creative Management for the great show.

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