Architects @ Black Box

Based in U.K. this band is pretty brutal on stage and notoriously in love with their fans. Salute!

Literally a second after they hit the first note, the crowd went in to a big pit. This is one of the craziest crowd I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

Lately I haven’t been listening to metal, but I think Architects brought me back. Their raw performance was really great. I don’t know how he does it. Sam, the vocalist, had so much energy. He was pretty much screaming throughout the gig. Without losing his voice, he performed with constant quality. Expected from metalcore band, Architects delivers heavy riffing with über-technical and complex. Some of their song kinda have Meshugah influenced riff, which is awesome. I don’t think I have anything else to say, these guys are topnotch. I love their performance on stage. Check out their official website and stalk them on Facebook. Someone posted the video of the concert from the stage, you’ll see how awesome the crowd was.

Photographer’s Note
As you can see on the photos, there was no barricade in front of the stage, there were on the side. All I can do was take pictures from the side of the stage. Quite a small stage, I almost didn’t need tele lens. I used mostly wide-angle and 35mm. The lighting was quite good, especially when all the lights on. But 70% of the time, it was quite dark.

It’s very interesting how these guys love their fans. The front row was ON stage and they were cool about it. At one point the emcee was trying to push them back, but the band wanted them to stay on stage. Even after the concert, they were hanging around with the fans for a little meet and greet. That was one crazy night. The last photo is the picture of Massacre conspiracy‘s Vocalist, Ash singing along with Sam.

Thanks to Micronesia Creative Management for letting me shoot the concert. I was shooting with a friend of mine, Louis Nderi, Check his shots here.

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