Tommy Emmanuel @ DBKL Auditorium Hall

This Australian finger-style acoustic guitarist holds a title as CGP (Certified Guitar Player). For some, he is called as the greatest guitarist in the world. Well, they’re not wrong.

Tommy has been active in music industry since the ’60s. Influenced heavily by Chet Atkins, Tommy developed his own style. It’s amazing how he plays rhythm, bass, and lead simultaneously. Also, sometime he plays percussion from his guitar’s body. His cover of The Beatles’ songs are great. He made a new composition that suits his style. I love this one song he performed called The Trail. It’s inspired by the native American. His performance is so ease to follow with a little bit of humor in between. There’s no further introduction for this great man. He’s just pure genius. During the event, he received an award by The BrandLaureate, presented by Dr. KK Johan. Salute!

Photographer’s Note
Covering an acoustic concert is so much different than covering a rock concert. The environment is just somehow elegant and sophisticated. I couldn’t move so much nor making too much noise. Everybody was sitting quietly and enjoy the beautiful sound of the guitar. The auditorium, where the concert was hold, has a really good acoustic sound (obviously). Lighting wise, it wasn’t bad at all.

While I was taking photographs, I realize a new technique. Well, not entirely new since I read about this long time ago, I just didn’t bother to try. This technique is very simple, during the shoot try to have as little variable as you can. I use to change my ISO setting as often as I could, because I wanted to have lowest ISO setting possible which led me to change my shutter speed as well. What I supposed to do is leave the ISO setting alone and just adjust the shutter speed as needed. Just take some couple of test shots to see where the ISO should be set. The setting should be high enough to capture the darkest area on the stage with shutter speed fast enough to capture the motion. In this concert, I used ISO 2000 through out.

With this technique, there’s less setting to adjust which give me extra speed. Remember, speed kills. Don’t worry about noise. With the correct exposure, noise wouldn’t be a problem especially with modern DSLR today.

Thanks to The Guitar Store for organizing this event and Louis Nderi for inviting me. Check out his shots here.

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