Johny Comes Lately @ Rockaway 2012

Started as 4-piece band, Johny Comes Lately has come the long way in Malaysia indie music scene. They successfully grab the attention of the people with their music and live performance.

Currently they consist of 7 members to complete the ska-ness out of them. Ska is not complete without the sound of trumpet and sax. If you can remember The Offspring song, What Happened To You, quite similar with what JCL plays but not quite. Ska punk, is what they called their genre. Their musics are simply catchy and upbeat. Ebi, the vocalist, delivered perfect punk vocal accompanied with catchy riffs of the guitar. Just listen to Agent of Chaos, it’s awesome! Their live performance was amazing. Very energetic and they engaged the audience quite well. Check this video out, JCL performing Kemana Kita at Rockaway 2012. You can see me in action at 3:40 right behind of the stage, awesome! Check out their music on Myspace and Reverb Nation. Stalk them on Facebook.

Photographer’s Note
They were performing at the Wknd stage at Rockaway 2012. This was the second stage, much smaller than the main stage. I love small stages, they feel more personal and closer than big stages. Lighting wise, it wasn’t bad at all. I used ISO 2000 throughout the event, with shutter went up to 1/400 sec. I wished they had smoke machines, it would gave some effect for the stage. For small stages like this, I use 35mm and 11-16mm most of the time, at their widest aperture. When I needed a close up shot, I just went on stage. If you want to do so, just make sure you do it quick without bothering both audience and the musician.

Thanks to The Wknd for inviting me to cover their stage.

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  1. they really has come the long these guys to bits and guys!!!!

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