Guba @ Rockaway 2012

This Sabahan singer-songwriter is just launched his debut album and rising up in the music industry with his mellow songs.

Guba performed at the Wknd Stage during the Rockaway 2012. I’ve been listening to quite a number of folk-acoustic musicians, Guba stands out. His music is pretty much minimalistic with very interesting chord progression. As folk-acoustic genre, his songs are unique. I love his writing style, they’re like a nice little story. His mellow voice has a nice touch of vibrato technique. Check more of Guba at Laguna Music and you can stalk him at Facebook. But, first of all listen to this great song by Guba, You & Me.

Photographer’s Note
His performance was quite calm. It’s nice, because while shooting I didn’t have to worry about my gear being knocked by headbangers. So I could shoot and listen to the music which really inspire me. Lighting was alright. The Wknd Stage was inside a big air-conditioned tent. While the outdoor was crazy hot, it was cold and nice inside the Wknd stage. Great performance overall by Guba. Salute!

Thanks to The Wknd for inviting me to cover their stage at Rockaway 2012. My good friend Louis Nderi was shooting this event to check out his stuff too.

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