MxPx @ Rockaway 2012

In the punk rock scene, who doesn’t know MxPx? Rocking the stage since ’92, MxPx rocked the stage of Rockaway 2012.

A three-piece band is a perfect number for a band. Nothing fancy, just rocking. If you’re seriously don’t know MxPx, check out these songs called Responsibility and Wrecking Hotel Rooms. They are good songs to start. I won’t say much about them because I think, they’re pretty much well known band.

Photographer’s Note
Their performance was great! The only thing was It started drizzling earlier, but it stopped right before they started. That’s why on the photos you’ll see some plastic bags covering the speakers and some of the stage. I tried to avoid shooting with those plastic bags because they are simply not pleasing to see. The stage was under the shade, it had a great soft shadow. I think every concert during the day is always has good lighting. I would have been more interesting if the lightings on the stage were brighter and the smoke machines were stronger. The stage was quite high, probably about 2 meters/ 6.5 feet. It’s quite difficult for me to shoot  if I went too close to the stage. I used mostly tele lens or the wide angle lens.

Thanks to Livescape Asia for bringing in the biggest rock festival in Malaysia, Rockaway.

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