Joe PV @ Rockaway 2012

The lead vocalist of PureVibracion, Joe PV, performed his solo project which combine reggae and dance in one unique approach.

While PureVibracion is full-on reggae, Joe’s solo project combine reggae with some beat of dance and electronic. Like reggae musician, his performance was quite chilled out. He sounds just like Jamaican, with the accent and all. His latest single featuring Joe Flizzow, Keep On Moving, is a very good number. Without loosing his roots music, he successfully combine different genre. Even more extreme, later that night he went on stage with Koffin Kanser combining death metal with reggae (articles about Koffin Kanser soon). In brief, Joe is an amazing musician. Someone posted a video of this gig, go check it out. You can stalk Joe on his fan page.

Photographer’s Note
There were lots of people enjoying his music. There was no barricade in front of the stage. So, to take the shots I actually went on stage. This is what I like about small stage. As audience you’ll feel closer to the musicians. As photographer, I have more freedom to explore the stage in the hunt of good angles. But of course, respect the musicians who was performing as well as the audience who paid the ticket to enjoy the music. Don’t be one of those annoying photographers. I usually made some eye contact, give some nod or just smile. The key is respect and also enjoy. I got to meet and listen to great musicians and capture them and tell the world about them, I really enjoy it.

Thanks to The Wknd for inviting me to cover their stage at Rockaway 2012.

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  1. JoePV

    Much love, for your great awesome work.
    Terima kasih for your time & thank you for your good positive energy, words & believe.
    Give thanks & prays. All the best. PEACE

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