Muck @ Rockaway 2012

Muck is one of a kind indie band. Fantastic sound and live performance.

Muck cites Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and The Pixies as their inspiration. This what makes Muck, Muck. Their music is very enjoyable. Heavily guitar driven songs. Quite catchy guitar riffs, mostly with vintage overdrive sound. Vocal, the way he sings pretty much simple, but he managed to put a soul into the music. Hello Sunshine is a perfect song to describe their music as well as As The Rain Falls. They just had a hiatus for years, this year they got back together and rock. Check out the rest of Muck’s songs on Myspace and Facebook.

Photographer’s Note
The photos look quite intense. It’s because of the color. I don’t know why, but when they were on stage, the light just went red all the way. Only couple of times it’s not red. Dealing with red images are quite annoying. There are two things that I usually do. First, convert the image to black and white. This is a very save move. But I don’t really like black and white for concert, as you can’t feel the live performance like in color. Second, just reduce the intensity of the red with adjusting the white balance. This is why I always shoot in RAW. Other than the overwhelming red light, the gig was awesome. Salute!

Thanks to The Wknd for inviting me to cover their stage at Rockaway 2012.

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