Love Me Butch @ Rockaway 2012

This local hero is one of the biggest and greatest band in Malaysia. Love Me Butch brings you the rock so we’re all can roll.

I couldn’t believe how good this band live. I’ve heard their songs before, seen their videos, but they’re nothing like when I heard them live. They’re that good. They’re categorized them self as post-hardcore, less screaming more singing. Syarul, the vocalist, has a strong energetic voice. In fact, the whole band was super energetic performing in front of thousands of people. I just love the heavy riffing by the guitarist, Wing Meng. And not forgetting the aggressive drumming by Jana. The bass by Kevin was quite subtle but still bring balance to the whole song by adding those low low register. Their new single Come Out, Come Out is one great example of how good they are, but trust me, they’re even better live. The video was shot in Japan, during their tour in the land of rising sun. Their new album, Worldwide Transgression, is amazing, I bought it right after the event.Check out more of Love me butch on youtube for more video, or be a fan on Facebook.

Photographer’s Note
The stage was very well lit up. Kudos to the lighting technicians. At ISO 2000 the shutter speed went up to 1/640 second. The stage was quite big and definitely high, about 7′. As a not very tall person, I found it difficult to shoot too close to the stage. It would be super-low angle or what I did was one of those blind shots where I lift up the camera above the stage and blindly shoot. When I did that I used the LCD to compose, turned the LCD off and press the shutter release. It might look lame, but it has to be done in order to get the composition.

Thanks to Macbeth Malaysia for inviting me to shoot the bands they sponsored, Love Me Butch is one of them.

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