Hujan @ Rockaway 2012

Hujan was one of the most anticipated performer at Rockaway 2012 and they only give the best for their fans.

Hujan in Bahasa Malaysia means rain. Their songs are in Malay yet they managed to tour in UK in 2007/2008. It’s true what they say about music as a universal language. They have different genre throughout their carrier, but mostly alternative rock. I was really impress with their performance, especially the lead guitarist, AG Coco. His performance was flawless. Check out this video of them performing that night. I had goose bumps when he hit that pinch harmonic note at 4.31. By the end of their performance, Jo The Padangs joint the stage to sing Mana Mungkin. This song proofs the diversity of music genre that Hujan writes. I personally love the heavy side of Hujan.

Photographer’s Note
The main stage of Rockaway was very well lit. There’s one thing though, the spot light only follows the lead vocalist, even during the guitar solo. So capturing everybody else except the lead vocalist required to slow down the shutter speed quite significantly. There was quite a lot of photographer on the pit that night. We’re all know the drill, 3 songs and that’s it. All I can say is respect other photographers, not only you who want good photos and don’t linger for too long. At some point you’ll bump someone, just make a apology gesture (because it’d be too loud to speak), smile, and move on.

Thanks to Macbeth Malaysia for inviting me to shoot the bands they sponsored. A good friend of mine, Louis Nderi, was shooting this event too. Check out his shots here.

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