Koffin Kanser @ Rockaway 2012

Koffin Kanser is one of the best Malaysian act I’ve seen live.

Has been around in Malaysia indie music scene, Koffin Kanser is definitely a veteran in the music industry. From the name you can tell that they are not playing some pop songs. They play groove metal with nice deep growling vocal. Aru, the vocalist and rhythm guitarist played constantly great. I met the guy after the concert, a really nice guy and has been growing his dreads since a long time ago. Koffin Kanser is one of the band which successfully combine reggae and metal in one superb union, Zionist and Positive for example. They performed Positive at Rockaway 2012 featuring Joe PV of PureVibracion. For more about Koffin Kanser, check out their official Facebook fan page.

Overall, top-noch performance by Koffin Kanser. I was standing right in front of 6 feet stacks, I could feel their music inside my brain, it was that loud. Luckily I always use a pair of earplug to protect my ear.

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