Laguna 10 @ Neverland Club

Independent record label which has been playing its part in Malaysian music industry by producing and promoting local music. Their artists are including PureVibracion, Guba, Prana, SevenCollar T-Shirt, and Lab The Rat. It’s their 10th anniversary, and it’s epic!

Laguna 10-2039Laguna 10-2183Laguna 10-2075Laguna 10-2232Laguna 10-2300Laguna 10-2413Laguna 10-2590Laguna 10-2423Laguna 10-2749Laguna 10-2732Laguna 10-2598Laguna 10-2620Laguna 10-2914Laguna 10-2782Laguna 10-2793Laguna 10-2763Laguna 10-2931Laguna 10-3011Laguna 10-3037Laguna 10-3050Laguna 10-3090Laguna 10-3166Laguna 10-3136Laguna 10-3114Laguna 10-3183Laguna 10-3232

Photographer’s Note
The party was just full of great bands with diverse genre. It is just pure fun to listen to many different talents. Log on to Laguna Music for more information of the bands.

I’ve shot here in Neverland Club, KL. The lighting wasn’t bad. but there’s one point where everything was dim red light. But it was still manageable. This is the first time shooting a stage with fire machines. One tips to capture fire is three words, fast shutter speed. The fire is hot and bright, you’ll need to increase shutter speed.

One thing I like from small stage is the audience would be so much closer to the musicians. It feels more personal. But the thing is, they will stand right in front of the stage, leaving no space to capture the moment from that angle. No worries, if you want to take the angle, just say excuse me, smile, take the shot, and move on.

For this event, I fully used my three lens combo, 11-16mm, 35mm and 80-200mm. This combination is just perfect. Even though the combo doesn’t cover 17-80mm, I’m not missing out. 35mm in crop sensor is equal to 52.5mm which is just perfect for anything. And at f/1.8, 35mm is the real plastic fantastic.

This was a fun event to shoot. Super friendly guests and musicians.Thanks to Laguna music for letting me cover their event. Check out their Facebook Page for the whole photo set.

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