Highlight: Urbanscapes 2012 @ Padang Astaka

The 10th anniversary of Urbanscapes, Malaysia leading music and art festival. Tons of musicians, 5 stages, thousands of people, and whole lotta mud.

Day 1

Day 2

Photographer’s Note
This year, I was one of the official photographers team. Unlike Rockaway 2012, Urbanscapes felt little bit more relaxed. The festival was held for two days with a diverse music from acoustic folk, electronic to post-rock even poetry and standup comedies. Of course everyone was looking forward for the headliner, Yuna for the day 1 and Sigur Rós for day 2.

The weather was nice, except on the second day was drizzling a little. Since my camera is not weather sealed, I had to wrapped it in plastic. The venue was really great. Open field with buildings on the background, hence it’s called Urbanscapes.

Thanks to The Spacemen for inviting me to contribute for Urbanscapes.

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