The Trees And The Wild @ Urbanscapes 2012

The Trees And The Wild, über-talented musicians from Indonesia, take their journey to Malaysia to join the party at Urbanscapes 2012.


I just found my new favorite band to listen to. The Trees And The Wild (TTATW) did a great job performing in front of thousands of people at Urbanscapes 2012. Their folk sounding songs with a touch of poetic lyrics, TTATW really grabbed people’s attention. No wonder if they had tour in Europe early this year. It’s comparable to Kings of Convenience, but more post-rock-ish, it’s quite appropriate that they sharing the stage with Sigur Rós. The chords progressions and melodics are unique.  Remedy Waloni’s vocal is superb. He has those breathy voice, calming yet emotional. Don’t forget Charita Utamy (Tamy) backing vocal, is just brilliant. They sing in both English and Indonesian. My favorite songs are Honeymoon on Ice, Fight The Future, Kata, Derau Dan Kesalahan, Berlin, and their single Our Roots which you can listen from their official website. Actually I like the whole album, Rasuk.

Photographer’s Note
First thing is, the stage was super tall and huge. I think it’s about 7 foot tall. I used 11-16mm and 80-200mm most of the time. The lighting was perfect. They performed around 6 PM, just before the sunset. The sky was still bright, but not blinding bright, and the stage lit up. It’s even more perfect when the smoke machine kicked in. I just love them.

Thanks to Urbanscape crew for bringing this amazing band in an amazing festival. Also to The Spacemen for the invite to contribute for Urbanscape.

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