Yuna @ Urbanscapes 2012

A proud Malaysian singer-songwriter, Yuna was in the spotlight performing in front of thousands Malaysian fans.

Yuna-5751Yuna-5783Yuna-5679Yuna-5717Yuna-5639 Yuna-5762Yuna-5651Yuna-5689Yuna-5666Yuna-5715 Yuna-5712Yuna-5755Yuna-5741Yuna-5780Yuna-5548

If you haven’t heard of Yuna, she’s a singer-songwriter who sings folk-acoustic songs. She’s been a gem since her breakthrough in US. Currently she is signed to Fader Label along side with Editors, Matt & Kim, and Saul Williams. Her vocal is incredibly smooth. It’s like a cross between Björk and Regina Spector. Just like her voice, her songs are just lovely. Live Your Live, for example, minimalistic and yet quite a funky tune. Decorate is my favorite song from her, love the finger-picking guitar and her voice is just incredible. Her beautiful rendition of Nirvana’s Come As You Are will give you a goose bumps. See more of her on her official website.

Photographer’s Note
The huge stage was well lit. The only thing is it was lit up mostly from the bottom. At this situation I had to shoot wisely, or else the performer’s face will appear ghostly. There was no three song limit, so that was a blast. Shooting Yuna was so much fun. Her performance was top-notch. She’s pretty much glued to the mic, but once in the while she come in front of the stage. The 80-200mm was the hero for this one. The 35mm and 11-16mm used to capture the audience and the entire stage.

Thanks to The Spacemen for the invite to contribute for Urbanscape.

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