9 Maps @ Urbanscapes 2012

Three-piece band from Hong Kong. Yeah, that’s right, Hong Kong has some sick bands out there including 9 Maps.

9 Maps-5984 9 Maps-5990 9 Maps-5997 9 Maps-5998 9 Maps-6003 9 Maps-6008 9 Maps-6010 9 Maps-6035

The Green Stage at Urbanscapes 2012 had so many talented artists. 9 Maps was one of my favorite. This female-dominated band has their own quality. The simplicity of their songs and the depth of their lyrics brought them to different level of musical awesomeness. Sherin Siew, the vocalist, for some reason her vocal reminds me of French Singer Carla Bruni. Singing acoustic indie-folk is just perfect for her. In most of their songs, finger-picking style guitar accompanied the beautiful vocals. Just in a couple of years, 9 Maps has conquer some of the biggest music festivals in Asia. They just released their brand new album, High Incline, this year. Find out more about 9 Maps at their Facebook page. Do you like free stuff? If you’re on Last.fm, they are giving out free tracks on their page.

Thanks to Urbanscapes for bringing this amazing band in an amazing festival. Also to The Spacemen for the invite to contribute for Urbanscape.

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