Sigur Rós @ Urbanscapes 2012

The band that needs no introduction, Sigur Rós was the climax of this awesome festival.

Sigur Rós-7397Sigur Rós-7098Sigur Rós-6983 Sigur Rós-7177Sigur Rós-7259Sigur Rós-6996 Sigur Rós-7007 Sigur Rós-7032 Sigur Rós-6967Sigur Rós-7070 Sigur Rós-7110 Sigur Rós-7153Sigur Rós-7221 Sigur Rós-7426 Sigur Rós-7146Sigur Rós-7290Sigur Rós-7456

Their performance, as expected, was enchanting. Jónsi really brought the ethereal sound that Sigur Rós is famous for with his falsetto vocal. There are not many bowed guitar player in the world especially the one who plays through out. I think the most famous bowed guitar player is Jimmi Page, in Malaysia, Ramon Singho of Blister. Back to Sigur Rós, they sing everything in Icelandic, even the Happy Birthday song (it was one of the band member’s birthday). They are different than any post-rock band. Their songs are very dreamy and flowy (you-think-you-can-fly-when-you-hear-the-song kinda feeling). Superb!

Photographer’s Note
By the time the last bands finished their performance, the security went really strict. The internationally recognized three songs rule didn’t apply here. It was two songs! Luckily, their songs aren’t that short. Just had to use the time very wisely. I used 11-16mm and 80-200mm alternately. The stage was well lit, D90 with ISO 2000 at wide open did the job.

Thanks to Urbanscape for bringing this amazing band in an amazing festival. Also to The Spacemen for the invite to contribute for Urbanscape.

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