Rock The World 2012 @ Padang Merbok

Premier rock festival for Malaysian bands, Rock The World has reached their twelfth year. It’s bigger, longer, better, and definitely louder.

RTW12-8334 RTW12-8437 RTW12-8708 RTW12-8730 RTW12-8846 RTW12-8885 RTW12-8920 RTW12-9043 RTW12-9057 RTW12-9069 RTW12-9092 RTW12-9136 RTW12-9233 RTW12-9251 RTW12-9257 RTW12-9266 RTW12-9327 RTW12-9397 RTW12-9431 RTW12-9530 RTW12-9568 RTW12-9697 RTW12-9720 RTW12-9830 RTW12-9891 RTW12-9922 RTW12-9941 RTW12-9962RTW12-0031RTW12-0099RTW12-0109RTW12-0158RTW12-0199RTW12-0395RTW12-0406RTW12-0416

This twelve hours long festival held a pretty sick line up. They are all spread out in three stages: The Main Stage, The Noisy Stage, and The Indie Pop Stage. The genre ranged from indie pop to death metal, awesome! These include Friday King Road, Nothing Underneath, Upon Arrival, Oh Chentaku, Diandra Arjunaidi, Melodisaster, Zip Zieller, Go Gerila, Azureforjanne, Pop Shuvit (Project E.A.R.), Tres Empre, Nuclear Strike, Salam Musik, The Padangs, Damn Dirty Apes, and many more. The headliners: OAG, Love Me Butch, Daarchlea, and Massacre Conspiracy.

Full set photos are uploaded here. Articles of bands that caught my attention coming soon. It was an amazing festival to close the year.

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