Fatman Scoop @ Rootz

“You got a 50 dollar bill put your hands up! Single ladies, I can’t hear ya’ll, single ladies make noise!” Screaming loud like a general on duty, Fatman Scoop with his catch phrase made everyone dance their ass off. Opening acts by K-town Clan and Kartelhitmen.

Fatman Scoop-1824Fatman Scoop-1939Fatman Scoop-1904Fatman Scoop-2091Fatman Scoop-2471Fatman Scoop-2237Fatman Scoop-2249Fatman Scoop-1856Fatman Scoop-2335Fatman Scoop-1859Fatman Scoop-2287Fatman Scoop-2432Fatman Scoop-2372Fatman Scoop-1874 Fatman Scoop-2200 Fatman Scoop-1855Fatman Scoop-2198

Photographer’s Note
Photographing club is no so much different than a proper concert. They have stage, the lighting, and the performers, but the atmosphere is bit different. They came to the club not only for the music but also having fun with friends and socializing. It’s lots of fun, people are really friendly when they’re drunk. Things you want to use when you’re in the club: flash gun and wide-angle lens.

The Venue was crowded (duh..) and packed. Wide angle helps photographing in tight spaces. I’m not a big fan of using flash, but there’s nothing I could do without flash in the club. The stage was bright, but the rest were pretty much dark.I dial the shutter speed about 1/5-1/20 sec at ISO 2000, just to get the ambient light, I don’t want the background to be pitch black, and the flash fills in, lights up the subject. Fast lens helps to get more ambient light to come in.

This was quite an experience but still need to improve. Thanks to KC&Friends and K-town Clan for inviting me. Full photo set of the event can be viewed here.

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  1. Looks like that was a ton of fun. and I love the DJ’s shirt.

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