We Love Asia Music Festival @ Sepang International Circuit

It’s one of the biggest electronic dance music (EDM) festival in Malaysia. We Love Asia has all the world-class EDM artists who don’t need any introduction. 2 days of dancing to the superb music.

We Love Asia-4533We Love Asia-3546We Love Asia-3553 We Love Asia-3561 We Love Asia-3613 We Love Asia-3657 We Love Asia-3704 We Love Asia-3942 We Love Asia-4042 We Love Asia-4345 We Love Asia-4409 We Love Asia-4499 We Love Asia-4546 We Love Asia-4562 We Love Asia-4758 We Love Asia-4801 We Love Asia-4861 We Love Asia-4885 We Love Asia-4972 We Love Asia-4992 We Love Asia-5047 We Love Asia-5144 We Love Asia-5208 We Love Asia-5268 We Love Asia-5569 We Love Asia-5599 We Love Asia-5747 We Love Asia-5773 We Love Asia-5784 We Love Asia-5806 We Love Asia-5821 We Love Asia-5841 We Love Asia-5936 We Love Asia-5970 We Love Asia-5975 We Love Asia-6018 We Love Asia-6050 We Love Asia-6112 We Love Asia-6156 We Love Asia-6231 We Love Asia-6355 We Love Asia-6367 We Love Asia-6342We Love Asia-6426

Photographer’s Note
 I’ve shoot quite a bit of rock concerts, but these days I’m trying to explore more. My first EDM festival. It was really exciting. Usually before the shoot, I listen to the artists that I’m going to shoot to get the feel, including this festival. I listen to most of the artists that performed that night. Honestly I’m impressed with Steve Aoki music. Don’t get me wrong, the other guys are really good as well.

For the two days of festival I’m using my one and only D90, 80-200mm f/2.8, 17-55mm f/2.8, 11-16mm f/2.8, and, new to the family, 50mm f/1.4. If you actually read my blogs, this is the first time I’m not bringing the-real-plastic-fantastic-for -dx, 35mm f/1.8. Because I know the stage is gonna be big, and I was right. The stage was extremely tall, taller than any festivals I ever shot. I used 17-55mm and 80-200mm most of the time. 11-16mm were for the crowd shots, it was too wide for the big stage. The real hero of this festival is the 17-55mm. It’s no wrong people call this lens the King of dx lens.

I shots most of the crowd shots with flash, but not for the performer. It’s simply because the crowds were to dark for my camera. So, I had to change my setting really quick, from shooting the crowds to shooting the artists. Setting for the crowds were ISO1000 at 1/20 sec with aperture wide open. For shooting performer on stage I used ISO2000 at 1/320 sec or faster with aperture wide open. Spot metering with manual exposure compensation, meaning without dialing the exposure compensation, just use the meter to compensate by changing shutter speed. Hopefully I will have time to make an article of how to expose properly.

This was an amazing event. The only thing I’d complain is the fact that they don’t provide tag for the crew. Luckily I came early to the venue, say hi to everyone, especially the security guys, and make sure they remember me as a photographer for the event. This will let me do my job easier.

Thanks to the organizer for the invite to this super event to cover it. Full set of the photos can be viewed here.

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  1. Hahaha Steve Aoki crowd surfed on a life raft? Bad Ass!! Good stuff as usual Dedy Keep it up!!

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